Benefits Of Solid Wood Furniture

Benefits Of Solid Wood Furniture

There are many benefits of solid wood furniture over cheaply made furniture. There are tons of choices for other types of wood furniture but when it comes to indoor and outdoor furniture, most quality furniture buyers choose quality wood furniture again and again. Here we will discover the many benefits of solid wood furniture and what makes it so unique and special.

Wood Grain Look – Wood naturally has beautiful lines and patterns in its grain. It doesn’t need to be painted to look nice, it does that by itself. Some custom wood furniture makers may add a clear finish to give it shine but that’s about it.

Strength – Most furniture is built out of wood for a reason, it’s very strong and durable. Although, most cheaply made furniture is made out of particle wood which isn’t very strong. Solid wood furniture is made out of “solid wood” only, making it last longer and age gracefully.

Long Lasting – The strength of the wood makes it last longer than any other piece of furniture. You can leave outdoor furniture outside without being worried about fungus or termite damage. Also, custom built wood furniture makers use quality glues and manufacturing to ensure your solid wood furniture lasts much longer than cheaply made furniture from a factory.

Low Maintenance – The only maintenance you need to perform for solid wood furniture is cleaning. You might need to purchase special cleaning products for solid wood but the investment will be well worth it.

Stands Up To Weather – You can leave your solid wood furniture outside all year long, even in Arizona. No longer will you need to move your furniture into the storage shed during summer and winter, this furniture can stand up to the elements all year round.

Make Nice Decoration – When you have multiple pieces of solid wood furniture it can start to create a very nice focal point for the eyes to look at. You can create an authentic remodeled look just by the pieces of furniture you select.

Smart Investment – Buying quality wood furniture is a smart investment when you think about how many chairs you will have to buy from a cheaply made factory compared to buying 1 solid piece of furniture the first time. Yes you will spend more for solid wood but you will never have to buy another piece again.

Environmentally Friendly – Wood materials will not damage the environment like plastic furniture will. Plus, trees grow really fast and can be replanted. Never worry about environmental effects from your solid wood furniture.

Custom – You can get custom solid wood furniture built to your exact specifications. Artisans can create custom pieces to resemble certain styles of furniture, from modern to rustic and more.


As you can see, the benefits of solid wood furniture are endless and are a great investment for your home. The next time your are furniture shopping, make sure and choose a quality piece of custom wood furniture that should last you a lifetime of use.