What Is Rustic Furniture?

What Is Rustic Furniture?

What Is Rustic Furniture? Rustic furniture is a technique that makes use of logs, twigs, and sticks to create a more natural appearance. ‘Rustic’ is a term that comes from the National Park Service for rustic style architecture. Various companies, craftspeople and artists use this technique to create rustic furniture using many styles that have various contemporary and historical influences. It is common for rustic furniture to make use of reclaimed and recycled materials, and it becoming more popular. Using recycled pallets for making furniture has become very popular.

Rustic Furniture History

Rustic furniture is a movement that started in the mid to late 1800’s, when furniture would be developed using any natural materials that were currently in high supply. It was common for this technique to be used by poor people to obtain cash or food in trades. This style has an association with the Great Depression, as well as other hard eras in America, but it’s also associated with the Great Camps that wealthy Americans built within the Adirondack Mountains (New York). The Adirondack chair is the most famous modern form of this technique. There are many rustic styles that show the maker’s personality, using methods such as silver or gold brushwork, chip carving, peeling bark, milk paint or various there enhancements. There were also various types of wood used for this, including hickory, Alaska cedar, willow and mountain laurel.

Also, palm fronds were used in the American South. You can find examples of historical rustic furniture in antique shops and museums, but it is rare to find historical pieces in good quality outside of museums. The Adirondack Museum is a great example of this style, located in Blue Mountain Lake, NY.

The New York State Museum houses the “Rustic Furniture: Clarence O. Nichols Collection”. There are several types of typical items, such as love seats, chairs, desks, tables, clocks, chests, coat racks, rockers, lamps, mirror frames and more.

Construction Of Rustic Furniture 

Two types of basic rustic furniture construction exist, the first being bentwood which uses harvested sticks or they may be steamed to make them more bendable. This allows them to be used or creating decorative shapes. The second is twig work, which uses straight, forked or curved sticks to create decorative shapes and structures. There are times when a piece use both methods, and some use tenon and mortice construction while other pieces just screw or nail materials together.

There are times when rustic furniture refers to the display the lack of craftsmanship used. There are many times you can locate untreated or minimally treated logs sold as ‘rustic’ for furniture that can go for much more than prices of modern polished pieces. There are some who claim raw materials being used leads to a more ‘solid’ crafting in furniture, others argue that the labor costs required to create these pieces leads to inflation of unit prices being sold. This takes into consideration the cost of raw materials plus the actual cost for labor time. The definition of ‘furniture’ is expanded from being a crafted, well-polished product create rom raw material to nearly any raw material or timer that’s shaped to the basic shapes of a furniture type. For example, an untreated sawn off tree stump that’s sold under ‘rustic furniture’ as a bedside or coffee table.

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